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GuestFolder and Welman are now GuestTraction. Read more here!

About GuestFolder

GuestFolder is a New Zealand IT start-up, a partnership of founder Mike During and fellow directors Graham Mann and Mike Wells.

Mike During brought Fidelio to New Zealand in 1991 and worked for Micros through to the end of 2012, over 20 years of sales, installation and training.  This included integration to third party systems for POS , PMS, Video, Internet, Door Locking,  CMS and other systems. With this background and the emerging importance of mobile technologies, the vision of GuestFolder took hold. 

Graham Mann and Mike Wells are the directors of Welman Technologies, the development company behind GuestFolder. Welman was the first company in NZ to offer "live" room availability on the web with their web booking solution Webrooms. They currently have over 1000 accommodation providers using Webrooms with groups such as the Motel Association, ASURE, Golden Chain Australia and Host Accommodation.

GuestFolder was the first BYOD app to offer room service ordering from a personal mobile device.  Another first is the all-in-one, cost effective, single VoIP Phone and Android Tablet running GuestFolder.

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