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GuestFolder Mobile Apps
GuestFolder Mobile Apps

Custom Mobile Apps

The most innovative marketing solution available to accommodation providers in New Zealand. GuestFolder is a powerful mobile app builder for both Android and Apple devices that gives you the edge over your competition. It’s time to increase your profit margins through smart, forward thinking technology and start marketing directly to a guests pocket.

GuestFolder Features Overview

Our success is the result of our easy to use guest facing, innovative marketing solution available to accommodation providers internationally. Get the edge over your competition by lowering operating cost, increase revenues and improve guest satisfaction ratings. Turning traditional operations to Guest Facing will achieve this. Pre-arrival check-in, room upgrades (and other offers) and then check-out on departure will do this. Do away with long queueing at the Front Desk by using a tablet Kiosk.  If you want the Rolls Royce benefits of seamless check-in, offer your guests keyless/mobile entry, they will love you for it.

Instant alerts

Reach out to your guests/residents instantly with specials and services they can avail of by simply sending them a push notification. It's as simple as pressing a single button and it is sent out through to both iPhone and Android devices.

Simple to use

You might think by offering so much, it would be difficult to add and change content. The opposite is in fact the case. It is so simple and easy to use, your operations team will be updating the app daily if not hourly! Kitchen daily specials, promotional wines, local events with any content able to be added or changed instantly. No blackboard required!

Environmentally friendly

GuestFolder is an environmentally sustainable electronic solution. Information can be updated instantly. No need to spend money on print runs which can quickly become outdated, as Guestfolder enables you to easily edit information as required.

Keep up with the times

Smartphone and Tablet usage is increasing so quickly that any statistic will be out of date by the time you read this. Your guests/residents are using these devices now - at home, at the airport, in the taxi. Why not provide them with your own personalised app and improve the customer experience.

How GuestFolder Works

Setting up GuestFolder is easy because we do it for you! We then give you access to a simple to use, yet very powerful, content management utility that you access via your internet browser and you can make all the changes yourself. The app is easy to use and readily accessible to all. Images on the home page identifies parent items and categories which can be personalised to cater for each organisations differing needs. Your app is designed to suit your business and is tailored to your specific needs. Through our experience we are able to advise on what works and where value can be added to improve the customer experience. We will be able to provide you with data to reflect on usage of different services with Google Analytics and you will be able to analyse where improvements can be made.
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